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Naturally in Nature. That is the title of a new local calendar now for sale. In Powell River, you naturally want to be in nature and, in this calendar, you happen to be au naturel! This calendar not only shows the diverse beauty of Powell River, but also points out that environmental and economic sustainability for this community means valuing and preserving our wild spaces and protecting agricultural land for local organic food.

The calendar is the work of local activist Lesley Thorsell and showcases:

  • the work of several local photographers (especially Jeremy Williams who did many of the months and bared it all for January’s photo);
  • graphic designer Melany Hallum;
  • artist Skye Morrison;
  • and local models, including the women of the Dragon Boat Paddling for Life team wearing their life jackets on Powell Lake.

The slogan for the Pink and Green Campaign in Alberta is Love your body, Love your planet and Love your life and that encompasses what the calendar stands for.

Here is some of what Lesley has to say about this project:

What I am understanding is the more we push against what we don’t want there is a larger polarity of resistance instead of a third choice. This is a hard one at times, but if you try the opposite—showing a hard heart against those with hard hearts of their own—all we’ve done is expand the problem. Everyone is doing the best they can from their own level of consciousness. In the end all we can realistically do is seek openings for higher awareness.

So part of the reason for the “Naturally in Nature” calendar is a third choice. To reach people in a heart centred way that they will feel nature and feel connected in a way that propels them to value and protect it as well as caring for their own bodies:)

If you are interested in giving an eco-gift this year check out the local calendar and website www.naturallyinnature.wordpress.com and send copies to friends, relatives, yourself to promote eco tourism for our area, protect wild spaces and fish bearing streams, organic farming, breast health and wellness.

Proceeds from this project will be given equally to the Malaspina Conservancy Land Trust and to the Pink and Green Campaign promoting a healthy environment and healthy bodies.  Call Lesley Thorsell for more information at (604) 485-6910.


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