50 free memberships!

From the Powell River Peak:

Free membership is being offered for one of Powell River’s newest charities. Malaspina Land Conservancy Society (MLCS) has received a gift from a generous member who has pledged to sponsor the first 50 new members of the society for one year.

The gift is provided to increase public recognition of MLCS and involve more people in its development.

MLCS was formed to assist private land owners, whether individuals, industry or businesses, with decisions relating to the preservation and conservation of their land. “We do this by holding an interest in the land,” said MLCS President Janet Alred. An interest could take the shape of ownership, or a conservation covenant that is placed on a specific area of the property.

The mission of MLCS is the protection of land of natural, agricultural, scenic, recreational or historic value. “We are particularly interested in riparian areas, old growth forest and areas of biological diversity,” said Alred. “Overall, we share a vision of people living within a healthy diverse region where respect for the natural world is paramount.”

Members of the society are invited to participate in field trips to locally preserved land, will have the opportunity to learn about land restoration and can help on many projects, including committees such as membership, public engagement, fundraising and land.

Memberships cost $10 annually for individuals, $30 for organizations and $100 for businesses. “We are able to offer free individual memberships to the first 50 people to join us for the first time. This is an exciting time to join as members can really play a part in the society’s development. We are already in conversation with various land owners about their properties and anticipate launching fundraising campaigns in the near future to preserve land for the local community.”

MLCS will have an information table at the Powell River Film Festival on Thursday, February 17 through Saturday, February 19 at Powell River Recreation Complex.

Yes, you read that right… thanks to our very generous member for a great idea! Here’s to all our new members.


As mentioned recently on this blog, the Malaspina Land Conservancy Society held its 2009–2010 Annual General Meeting on November 2, 2010. This was the opportunity to look back on the last year, have a good discussion among the members present, and elect a new board of directors.

Congratulations to the new board of directors:

  • Janet Alred (President)
  • Rachel Botting (Vice President)
  • David Parkinson (Secretary)
  • Nola Poirier
  • Paul Schachter (Treasurer)
  • Maureen Simmonds
  • Lesley Thorsell
  • Judy Watts

For more information about our directors, see this page.

We’ll be continuing to meet monthly and push forward with our work in various areas (membership, fundraising, public outreach, and especially land acquisition and holding lands in trust).

You are cordially invited to attend our Annual General Meeting!

Please see this PDF for more details.

Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Vancouver Island University (Powell River), Room 152

Individual membership is $10.00 and expires at the conclusion of the AGM following the date of payment. Only current paid-up members can vote at the 2010 AGM. Membership applications and dues payment for individuals who are not current members who wish to vote at the 2010 AGM must be received prior to October 26, 2009.

People who are not current members who join and pay their dues for 2010-2011 can participate but not vote in the 2010 AGM. They will be eligible to vote at all subsequent membership meetings up to and including the 2011 AGM.

We hope as many members as possible will attend the meeting. Members who are unable to attend the AGM are encouraged to attend by proxy. You can appoint any current Board member (Janet Alred, Rachel Botting, Eva van Loon, David Parkinson, Denise Reinhardt, Paul Schachter or Judy Watts) or any current member of the Society as your proxy.

We are holding a members’ evening on Tuesday January 19 at 7:00 PM at the Coast Realty office boardroom. We will be showing the short film Silent Witnesses created by Bob and Bev Blackmore. After the film we will have a discussion, in which we hope all our members will participate, about the Malaspina Land Conservancy Society and our future direction.  It will be a chance to hear ideas, create committees, and work together to strengthen the society.

The evening will finish in time for Texadans to catch their ferry. There will be refreshments.

Coast Realty office is located at 4766 Joyce Avenue. As there are two buildings, please come to the one without all the homes for sale pictured in the window. This is the building on the right if you look at both from Joyce and next door to the Community Resource Centre.

See you there!

Naturally in Nature. That is the title of a new local calendar now for sale. In Powell River, you naturally want to be in nature and, in this calendar, you happen to be au naturel! This calendar not only shows the diverse beauty of Powell River, but also points out that environmental and economic sustainability for this community means valuing and preserving our wild spaces and protecting agricultural land for local organic food.

The calendar is the work of local activist Lesley Thorsell and showcases:

  • the work of several local photographers (especially Jeremy Williams who did many of the months and bared it all for January’s photo);
  • graphic designer Melany Hallum;
  • artist Skye Morrison;
  • and local models, including the women of the Dragon Boat Paddling for Life team wearing their life jackets on Powell Lake.

The slogan for the Pink and Green Campaign in Alberta is Love your body, Love your planet and Love your life and that encompasses what the calendar stands for.

Here is some of what Lesley has to say about this project:

What I am understanding is the more we push against what we don’t want there is a larger polarity of resistance instead of a third choice. This is a hard one at times, but if you try the opposite—showing a hard heart against those with hard hearts of their own—all we’ve done is expand the problem. Everyone is doing the best they can from their own level of consciousness. In the end all we can realistically do is seek openings for higher awareness.

So part of the reason for the “Naturally in Nature” calendar is a third choice. To reach people in a heart centred way that they will feel nature and feel connected in a way that propels them to value and protect it as well as caring for their own bodies:)

If you are interested in giving an eco-gift this year check out the local calendar and website www.naturallyinnature.wordpress.com and send copies to friends, relatives, yourself to promote eco tourism for our area, protect wild spaces and fish bearing streams, organic farming, breast health and wellness.

Proceeds from this project will be given equally to the Malaspina Conservancy Land Trust and to the Pink and Green Campaign promoting a healthy environment and healthy bodies.  Call Lesley Thorsell for more information at (604) 485-6910.

Watershed mapping

Via the nifty website Mediacology, I stumbled upon The Nature Conservancy‘s interactive educational tool for illustrating all of the positive effects of watershed preservation. I like how each aspect of conservation, when you click on it, brings up examples of work that the Nature Conservancy has been part of. Lots to explore in there.

Our first public meeting

The Malaspina Land Conservancy Society (MLCS) is happy to announce our first Information Evening on Monday 9th February 7 pm in room 148 of Vancouver Island University. MLCS formed in the spring and is Powell River’s local land trust. We hope that you will join us for an evening of information and updates on how and why MLCS began, what a land trust is, and how our society can conserve nature for future generations. For more information contact Janet at 604 485-0077. We look forward to seeing you on the 9th.

There will be an opportunity to become a member of the society ($10 per person per year). We hope you will be able to attend.